SCZONE Substation Project

SCZONE Substation Project

Project Overview:

The SC Zone project involved the transportation and installation of three transformers (each weighing 135 tons) within the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE). SCZONE is a strategically important area due to its proximity to the Suez Canal, a vital global trade route. This prime location allows SCZONE to function as a major logistics hub, attracting businesses and investments with its streamlined processes and attractive incentives.


  • 3 Transformers (135 tons each)
  • General Cargo (Accessories): 1,750 CBM

Scope of Work:

  • Pre-Execution Planning: EGL conducted a comprehensive route and site survey before undertaking the project.
  • Offloading and Transportation:The transformers were received directly from the vessel (under hook).Hydraulic jacks, beams, supports, rollers, and wooden blocks were utilized for safe offloading andreloading in land transportation to the job site included the transformers, accessories, and oil tanks.All necessary road permits were obtained from the authorities.
  • Final Installation: Jacking and skidding systems precisely positioned the transformers onto their foundations.

Challenges Overcome:

  • Tight Schedule: Maintaining a strict timeline was crucial, from receiving the transformers at the port to their final installation.
  • Site Access: The narrow site entrance presented a logistical hurdle for maneuvering the heavy transformers.
  • Long Skidding Distance: The transformers needed to be skidded nearly 18 meters to reach their center positions, requiring careful planning and execution.

Successful Project Delivery:

By employing their expertise and the necessary equipment, EGL successfully navigated these challenges to deliver the project on time and within budget.


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