Perishable Goods Handling

Perishable Goods Handling

With years of operating experience, Perishable goods were among the first commodities carried by air. EGL has very effective handling techniques for chilled and frozen products, providing shippers with optimum, cost-efficient packaging methods for these time and temperature-sensitive commodities.

EGL specializes in transporting reefer, agricultural products, and foodstuffs with a network covering all of Europe, the Baltic States, and Russia.

EGL can provide the best combination of sea, road, and rail systems through integrated solutions that reduce transport costs and make it easier and more efficient. EGL provides services from door to door, and a customer has a single point of contact for the entire transport chain.

In addition to door-to-door transport service, containers are 45 feet. One of the main companies specialized in this type of container and managed several vessels specialized in transferring this type of container and several reefer stores in many areas in Europe and Asia.

Our Solutions

Cost Effective

Purchasing power and partnerships with world’s premier carriers.


BIMCO, FIATA, IATA, ISO certified which give us an edge to be reliable in our srvices


Our wide range of services and their customizable options bring added flexibility to your supply chain.

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