Egypt Implementation of Advanced Cargo Information ACI

Egypt Implementation of Advanced Cargo Information ACI


kindly note that we have received via Alexandria Chamber of Shipping the following message:


Alexandria Chamber of Shipping

According to Article 39 of the new Customs Law No. 207/2020 that states the necessity of the advance registration system for the cargo “Advance Cargo Information – ACI”,

we would like to notify you that the system will work on an experimental basis from 01-Apr-2021 and mandatory from 30-Jun-2021.

Therefore, we send you this message to notify carriers, masters and agents that they have to comply with the ACI system once in place for all inbound cargo to Egypt, knowing that in case of failure the carrier will be obliged not to discharge the cargo and return at his cost.

Please be guided accordingly.

Admiral Reda Ismail
Head of Maritime Transport Sector
Ministry of Transport


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