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EGL Circular No. 09/2021


EGL Circular No. 09/2021

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Working time during Ramadan

Kindly note that working time during Ramadan starts Tuesday  13th April, 2021.

Port Operation during the month of Ramadan as follows:

Customs:                                          From 0900 hrs till 1400 hrs 

Other administrative:                    From 0900 hrs till 1400 hrs

Port pilots:                                       24 hours with stoppage from 1700 hrs till 2100 hrs 

Stevedoring working time:           From 0900 hrs 1630 hrs and from 2000 hrs till 0100 hrs

Container terminals :                     Mostly 24 hours with one hour break From 1830 hrs till 1930 hrs

( All time mentioned can vary from one port to another )

Our office timing during this Holy month will be as from 0900 hrs till 1530 hrs.

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